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About Kenanow Lodge
Family-run, client-centred.

If you’re looking for a large, “five-star” lodge that offers a predictable, anonymous experience, we can’t help you. Because at Kenanow, not only are we a family-run business, we treat our clients like you’re part of the family, too. That’s what makes us different. 
With a reputation built on referrals, our guests come back year after year because they know us, like us and look forward to the close contact and friendliness of our place. We have the ability to accommodate any special requests and the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ desires. From dietary restrictions to wake-up times, we work with your schedules and needs.


We’re not fancy, we’re home.


A Family Flair for Fishing

Kenanow Lodge has been in operation since 1995. Originally built by Tim Matheson to cater to hardcore fishermen, by the time he stepped back from the business in 2011, families and couples had also discovered its charms. That’s when we – son and daughter-in-law Chris and Sheryl Matheson – left Winnipeg and headed up with our three kids. It’s the best move we’ve ever made. (Plus, Dad still happily gets out on the lake as one of our fishing guides.)


Yes, we’re still a year-round destination for serious fishers, and not so serious ones, too – but there’s plenty of other things going on, such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, canoeing and hunting.     

Maybe living in remote Northwest Manitoba isn’t everyone’s dream come true. That’s only because not everyone has experienced the northern lights dancing in clear February skies while listening to wolves howl in the distance.

Living on a lake, fishing all the time and meeting people from around the world – it’s an amazing life. That’s why we love to share it with others. 

And we’d love to share it with you. Let’s make it happen!

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